How to Improve Your B2B Online Shopping Experience When Using B2B Ecommerce Solution

How to Improve Your B2B Online Shopping Experience When Using B2B Ecommerce Solution

Here are top tips on how to enhance your b2b online shopping experience when using a b2b ecommerce solution!

The b2b merchants are constantly looking for new and improved ways to offer their customers and buyers the best possible shopping experience.

Whether it is ordering their favorite items online or paying bills with just one click, the customers are accustomed to the high standards provided by their b2c experienced.

Even though b2b customers and their shopping habits are more complex than those of b2c. With complex and large orders, business expectations to meet, and high-value products, ensuring your b2b ecommerce website is a proper fit should be a top priority for any business owner.

Here are a few tips for improving the b3b online shopping experience when using b2b ecommerce solution:

  • Multiple Users – The b2b customers usually require multiple users to access, control, and manage their business account. Offering this feature will make sure that your employees, as well as, your customers are not left confused or exposed to important data such as payment information.
  • Personalized Recommendations & Discounts – The b2b customers should be properly targeted with tailored items, based on their past orders and shopping habits. Not only does this maximize the likelihood of extra orders but it also ensures that the shopping experience is personal. You can consider offering your customers upsells and cross-sells based on their order history.
  • Wish Lists – Offering a wish list is an important feature for customization and customer organization. Allowing users to store items for feature-use with just one click of a button, the list promotes website visit returns. It also ensures your buyers don’t forget about those favorite items.
  • Get Mobile – Mobile commerce is not always related to b2b businesses, however, we think it should definitely be. Mobile tablets and phones play such a huge role for b2b ecommerce sellers and these tools should not be overlooked.
  • Product Page Design – Let’s be honest – you would not purchase from a b2c website that was lacking in product photography or product detail, right? Your product page design is an important factor in ensuring an amazing online experience.
  • Tailored pricing – Make sure that the quotes are displayed properly reflect your customer’s pre-negotiated contract as that is the key to a satisfied customer.

Get to know your customers, use these tips, and watch your sales grow!

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